She starts an intellectual conversation with you, then drops you for a trashy good time on the bar—

She’s a superior juggler of substance and messiness, with a gritty poise that compels you to find out more about this deliciously irreverent woman.

She cleans up real well.

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DANA KREITZ is a Filipino American actress best known for her appearances in Off-Broadway’s ROMULUS THE GREAT (Rea) and CW’s KATY KEENE (Lauren Liu).

With roots in Las Vegas and Philadelphia, Dana currently thrives in New York City, working regularly in film, television, commercials, and theatre. Credits include the features WETLANDS (w/ Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje) and SLOW LEARNERS (w/ Adam Pally), Julia Kennelly’s CHANDLER (Official Selection, Atlanta Film Festival 2018), and CBS’S BLUE BLOODS.

Dana is also an active producer, most recently serving as Executive Producer on the short film WHERE IT STOPS (Official Selection, Chelsea Film Festival 2018) and currently as Producer on the new web series COMING OUT, under Hapa Media.



"The coarsest moment of the play (and also its most affecting) is a monologue: Luce’s classmate Stephanie (Dana Kreitz) offers a harrowing glimpse into the high school social scene in its real, unvarnished form." Encore Michigan
"Although Stephanie only appears once in the play, her delivery powerfully displays the naïveté Luce should possess at his age, but doesn’t."
The Oakland Press


“Dana Kreitz is terrific as the series of unwitting women who fall prey to their pranks.”


Dana Kreitz plays Julia's best friend Holly perfectly. Kreitz [...] is the epitome of the 80's.”
DelCo News


Leads were two newcomers Dana Kreitz (Kim) and Anthony Connell (Chris). These two characters must not only have soaring voices but must sell the pain, pity and pathos and of their relationship. They are superb.”

Greer Firestone

“Kreitz brings both innocence and determination to Kim and the pair work well together.”
DelCo News